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Tokyo to Osaka Bullet Train Facts

Ticket Price Range:
120-160 USD
Distance by Train:
514 km (319 mi)
Travel Time:
≈ 2.5 hours​
Daily Departures:

Tokyo to Osaka Shinkansen

Considered to be among the fastest trains in the world, Nozomi offer an amazing Tokyo to Osaka bullet train travel experience. In addition, the train stations are located near the city centers which makes them conveniently accessible by public transport.

All Tokyo to Osaka Shinkansen bullet trains running between the cities boast several travel classes, fast travel times (Tokyo to Osaka train time is about 2.5 hours), and an extensive and convenient schedule with up to 32 daily departures.

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What to Know About Tokyo - Osaka Shinkansen

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Travel the distance of 514 km in 2.5 hours!
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