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Osaka to Tokyo Bullet Train Facts

Ticket Price Range:
120-160 USD
Distance by Train:
514 km (319 mi)
Travel Time:
≈ 2.5 hours​
Daily Departures:

Osaka to Tokyo Shinkansen

Taking a bullet train is never a bad travel decision. Especially, if you're moving from Osaka to Tokyo. Nozomi bullet trains can cover the distance between the cities only in 2.5 hours! But the speed isn't everything that makes these trains great. First of all, taking Osaka to Tokyo bullet train is a nice opportunity to have a pleasant journey.

All Osaka to Tokyo trains are safe and equipped according to modern standards. They offer several travel classes, each equipped with cushy seats, huge legroom, and big luggage space to make your trip as perfect as possible. And a broad timetable with up to 32 daily departures allows all adventurers to plan a railway journey from Osaka to Tokyo easily.

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What to Know About Osaka - Tokyo Shinkansen

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