Quick Guide of Osaka Shinkansen Station

The city of Osaka boasts two major train stations that newcomers often mix up. If you are planning to travel by train from Osaka, you will need either Osaka Station or Shin-Osaka Station to start your journey. The first station is the biggest train hub in the city. The second is the only station in Osaka serving the Shinkansen trains (as well as some regional lines).

The stations are located within 3 km (1.8 mi) from each other, connected by a fast train that can take you between them in a matter of 3 minutes Osaka's Shinkansen station is very well-equipped, apart from all necessary facilities, passengers can take advantage of numerous dining, shopping, recreation, and entertainment opportunities!

Osaka Bullet Train Station's Services & Facilities

Promising adventurers a comfortable stay, Shin-Osaka train station boasts a great number of facilities particularly useful for travelers like:
  • tourist information centers
  • restaurants & shops
  • lost & found
  • left-luggage
  • ticket offices
  • waiting rooms
  • free WiFi
  • bathrooms​
  • ATM's and currency exchange

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What to Know About Osaka Stations