Bullet Train From Tokyo To Nagoya

Ticket Price Range:
120 - 140 USD
Distance by Train:
341 km (212 mi)
Travel Time:
≈ 1.5 hours​
Daily Departures:

Tokyo to Nagoya Shinkansen: Distance, Schedule & Travel Time

Japan famously boasts an astonishing railway system and some of the best trains in the world, so you can rest assured, that nothing is easier than getting around the country by train. Especially when it comes to traveling from Tokyo to Nagoya, as this railway route is served by the fastest Japanese train, the impressive Nozomi.

The trains are among the fastest in Japan, but there is so much more to say about them than short travel times. They boast fantastic onboard amenities, offer two travel classes to choose from, and provide a broad departure schedule with up to 33 daily departures! Sounds impressive, right?

As you can guess, taking a famous bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya is quite a popular way to travel between the amazing cities, which, in turn, means that railway tickets get sold out pretty fast. So why risk it? The best way to ensure a worry-free trip is to book your tickets a few months in advance, and there is no easier way to do that than using Rail Ninja, a platform allowing you to book Shinkansen train tickets in a matter of several minutes.

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What to Know About Tokyo - Nagoya Shinkansen

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