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Total length of all railways:
30 625 km/ 19 029 mi
The longest railway line:
Sanyo mail line of 673.8 km/ 418.68 mi
Fastest train speed:
300 km/h

​1 year in advance

Quick Overview of Nozomi Train in Japan

The Shinkansen Nozomi trains are famous for providing passengers with the best onboard amenities and a smooth ride. These Japanese bullet trains offer two classes of travel (ordinary car and green car) and passengers are offered a very smooth ride as well as fantastic onboard amenities. It is common for first-class passengers to take advantage of cushy adjustable seats with plenty of legroom, Wi-Fi connection, food trolleys, and in-seat reading lights on a train.​

Nozomi trains run between Tokyo and Fukuoka stations and are operated by JR Central and JR West. The Nozomi is a high-speed train between Tokyo and Fukuoka on the Sanyo Shinkansen and the Tokaido Shinkansen. There is only one train in Japan that is not included in the JR Pass, which is the Nozomi train service.

Nozomi Train Map

The Land of the Rising Sun boasts one of the most advanced rail systems in the world, and this is hardly a secret to those who know the country well. Shinkansen trains are by far the most famous among Japanese trains because they are incredibly safe and unbelievably punctual (an average annual delay is less than 1 minute). As a result of the service offered by the Tokaido and Sanyo lines of the world-famous Shinkansen high-speed railway, you can travel from Tokyo to Osaka in only 2.5 hours and 185 miles at maximum speed, being able to travel between Tokyo and Osaka at a top speed of 300 km/h.

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Q&A Shinkansen Nozomi Train

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