Hiroshima to Fukuoka Bullet Train Facts

Ticket Price Range:
96-102 USD
Distance by Train:
246 km (153 mi)
Travel Time:
≈ 1 hour
Daily Departures:

Hiroshima to Fukuoka Shinkansen Train Information

Traveling by train between the charming cities of Hiroshima and Fukuoka is not only a delightful way to explore the stunning scenery of Japan but also a convenient and time-saving mode of transportation. The Hiroshima to Fukuoka trains are known for their fast travel times, covering the distance between the two city centers in just one hour!

​Besides, the trains offer excellent onboard amenities that add to your comfort and convenience during the journey. You can relax in comfortable seats with ample legroom, and store your luggage conveniently throughout the ride. With an extensive schedule of up to 29 daily departures, the Hiroshima to Fukuoka trains make for a smooth and stress-free travel experience. For more information on schedules, ticket prices, and how to book your train tickets, you can check out the details provided below.

To avoid unpredictable situations and long queues, it's recommended to book your train tickets from Hiroshima to Fukuoka in advance. Thanks to modern technology, you can easily do so online with just a few clicks. Rail Ninja is one such platform where you can easily book your tickets.

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What to Know About Hiroshima - Fukuoka Shinkansen

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