Fukuoka to Hiroshima Bullet Train Facts

Ticket Price Range:
96-102 USD
Distance by Train:
246 km (153 mi)
Travel Time:
≈ 1 hour
Daily Departures:

Fukuoka to Hiroshima Shinkansen

Traveling by train between the vibrant city of Fukuoka and the picturesque city of Hiroshima is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to explore these two popular destinations in Japan. Both cities are well-connected by a highly advanced railway network, making train travel between them fast, efficient, and punctual. In fact, the journey time on the Fukuoka to Hiroshima route takes just about an hour, allowing you to easily fit it into your itinerary.

The trains on this route provide fantastic onboard amenities that cater to all passengers, regardless of class. You can enjoy comfortable seats, generous legroom, and ample luggage space throughout your journey. Additionally, the Fukuoka to Hiroshima train timetable is extensive, with up to 29 daily departures to choose from. This makes it easy to select a train that suits your travel plans and preferences.

To plan your train journey and book your tickets, you can visit a reliable platform such as Rail Ninja. This platform provides all the essential information about the railway route, including schedules, fares, and tips on how to make the most of your journey. With Rail Ninja, you can also book your train tickets up to two years in advance, giving you peace of mind and flexibility in planning your trip.

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What to Know About Fukuoka - Hiroshima Shinkansen

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